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Forwarding Direct: Global B2B Freight

Business to Business cargo services for shipments to and from New Zealand and Australia, with specialist expertise for the Chemicals, Hi Tech, Biopharma and Engineering sectors.

Freight services include:

General Cargo
Focus can include cost, compliance, markets, speed or visibility. Courier, Air or Sea modes of transport need to be considered, and sometimes the cost of all three needs to be evaluated before the best fit for the customer can be determined. Forwarding Direct engages in open discussion with the customer, often face to face.

Forwarding Direct provides the expertise, reporting and costing tools for all three transport options to ensure that general cargo shipments are handled optimally for each customer's requirements.

We can also serve a portion of your freight requirements, such as:

Sorry, Forwarding Direct does not handle personal effects.

Specialist Expertise
Forwarding Direct provides time-sensitive and critical freight logistics solutions for business and industry. In particular we provide specialist expertise to the following sectors:

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